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Trix Sierra

A Bachelor of Kinesiology student from the University of Alberta, a former National Track and Field middle-distance runner, a basketball provincial champion, and a volleyball club coach allows me to coach in multiple disciplines of sport.


As a current athlete and a sports performance student, my expertise lies in speed and explosiveness development, speed endurance training, and physical literacy. The kinesiology knowledge also helps me create holistic training plans that ensure athlete safety and injury prevention. My programs aim to develop physical literacy to build well-rounded athletes who can tackle any sport they get involved in. Alongside my academics is the experience of working with young athletes as I coach a U-12 Volleyball Club where we focus on athletes developing certain life skills that relate to specific sports skills through the process of gamification. I believe that young athletes learn the most when they are having fun, and another positive outcome of this method is that they associate workouts and exercise with fun rather than with punishment.


Lastly, an important thing for young athletes’ training is the support of their parents, which is why I build meaningful relationships with the parents of the athletes as well so that they can watch their child grow as an athlete and a disciplined person with their supervision and support.



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