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Meet The Team


Overview of our Philosophy


Athlete’s Compound is a one-of-a-kind facility where we cater to all Athlete’s who are looking to become the biggest, strongest, fastest athletes.  Using biggest, strongest, fastest as a nucleus to our programming, it creates the best overall Athlete’s who are then able to dominate their sport.  Combining this base idea with individual programming based on an in-depth assessment of every athlete, we are able to produce the best possible programming for each athlete based on their needs, goals and specific sport.


Having ex-professional athletes as trainers, we also provide the athletes with a “been there, done that” side to their Strength & Conditioning training.  This idea, while also using the latest science-backed, researched programming through our certified trainers, allows us to create an atmosphere for athletes like no other.


A statement of our facility is to use a mix of science based programming, with a strong of element of “been there, done that” and also fun to show the athletes what it takes to make it at the next level. Too many facilities do not allow the athletes to have fun while working out.  We strive to create a fun competitive environment between the athletes so they are having fun while working out with proper programming for their individual, sport specific needs.


In addition to creating a unique environment for the athletes, our skills cage on the gym floor, allows athletes and teams to mix both their Strength & Conditioning training with their skills training.



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