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Odell Willis

My name is Odell Willis aka “Mayor of Swaggerville” and the “Mayor of Commonwealth”!!! I’m from Choctaw County, Alabama where sports are everything. I was raised by a single mom who saw my potential early on and encouraged me. I started playing football at the age of 4 and continued to be a multi-sport athlete throughout high school, playing football, basketball, and baseball. I received a full scholarship from the University of West Georgia (D2) where I started all 4 years and was a 3-time 1st Team All-Gulf Conference (GSC) and 2-time All-Amierican.


After university, I played professionally in the Canadian Football League (CFL) for 13 years, for 7 different teams, with almost 200 games played professionally. During my career, I was coached by over 50 coaches, including legends like John Hufnagel and Wally Buono. I was a CFL All-Star, a Grey Cup champion, and 1 of only 12 players in CFL history with over 100 sacks.


I became interested in coaching, mentoring, and training during my time as a CFL player. I noticed the positive impact I had not only on my teammates but also on the community. As my career progressed, my influence grew larger, and I felt a responsibility to continue to give back now that I am retired. Though I no longer have the bright lights of the Commonwealth Stadium, I decided to start a gym called Athlete's Compound where I can share my knowledge of the game and help athletes become well-rounded. In Canada, there are many talented athletes who do not receive the exposure they need to succeed.


Athlete's Compound is not your typical gym; it is a place where athletes can develop mentally and physically and learn what it takes to reach the next level. Canadian athletes should not have to leave their homes and families to pursue opportunities in the United States. I brought coaches from the University of Tuskegee to Athlete's Compound because I know that many of these young athletes have the potential to play at a high level. In just one month, two athletes received offers to attend Tuskegee on a full scholarship, and five more are in talks. My goal is for Athlete's Compound to become a pipeline for athletes from all sports to pursue their dreams of playing at the next level for free. By providing proper training and guidance, I hope to make this vision a reality within the next two to three years.


At Athlete's Compound, we welcome all athletes from all sports and all backgrounds. Our community is built on the concept of family, fostering lifelong friendships for athletes and parents while striving to improve you as a complete athlete and person. Our goal is to provide elite training and coaching to all athletes, regardless of their financial situation. We believe in the motto "No athlete left behind" and are dedicated to creating a new culture in Edmonton that supports and helps athletes reach their full potential. Come and experience all that Athlete's Compound has to offer!



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