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Hockey Game


At Athlete's Compound, our team comprises specialists who excel in Strength and Conditioning, providing personalized 1-on-1, semi-private, and team training sessions.

Hockey stands apart as a truly unique sport.

You're constantly pushing your body to its limits, all while facing the constant threat of physical challenges from opposing players.

Achieving excellence requires a precise blend of strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental fortitude. Athlete's Compound equips you with the necessary skills to meet this demanding level of performance, addressing both the physical and mental challenges that accompany it.

With our experienced Hockey Trainer, dedicated to success in elite-level play and NHL player development, you'll elevate your game on and off the ice.


Join us and take your game to new heights!

Hockey Game
Hockey Player's Outfits

In-Season Training

As an athlete, maintaining peak physical and mental condition is crucial. Stay at the forefront of your game and outperform the competition! Our in-season programs offer a range of options:

- Customized strength and conditioning program
- Baseline concussion testing
- Mental performance assessments
- Physiotherapy rehabilitation and recovery
- Team rehabilitation and recovery
- Plus more


Our experienced team of coaches and trainers are here to support you.

Our Team.

Our Team at Athlete's Compound is a dynamic ensemble of seasoned professionals dedicated to empowering athletes of all levels. Led by Odell Willis, a CFL legend known as the 'Mayor of Swaggerville,' our trainers bring a wealth of experience from diverse sports backgrounds. With specialties ranging from sports performance recovery to power and strength training, our team is committed to providing elite coaching and personalized guidance to help athletes reach their full potential.

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