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Terrance Wold

Hi, I'm Terrance, an ambitious and enthusiastic kinesiology graduate specializing in sports performance. I have completed a four-year degree, a two-year fitness leadership diploma, and have six years of experience in personal training. I grew up playing hockey playing hockey from the ages of 5-20, which has fueled my passion to help athletes take their performance to the next level. Currently, I am working as a full-time strength and conditioning coach, while completing an internship with the Edmonton Oilers beginning in June of 2022.


My history with sports, education, and coaching has allowed me the opportunity to gain experience working with a variety of populations in different environments.


I value continuous education and am always striving to learn, as it will help me become the most effective strength and conditioning coach. To have a meaningful impact, I look at the athlete as a whole and analyze how their systems and the environment interact. When striving to help an athlete, I attempt to provide education and optimize various aspects of their life to help them become the happiest, healthiest, and best version of themselves.



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