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Phil Moreau

I began my fitness and sports journey as a kid playing competitive hockey, badminton, baseball and football (amongst other sports and some up to the triple AAA and Junior levels) in Northern Ontario. In this instance, I became obsessed and very passionate about both sports and fitness.


I have now taken these experiences from both sports/fitness and turned my career into that of a Personal Trainer who has trained athletes for several years.  I specialize in speed, agility and power training, strength training, powerlifting, corrective exercise and I have assisted athletes with post-rehabilitation training.


My background in training athletes includes the sports of:  hockey, figure skating, racquet sports (tennis, squash, badminton, pickleball), golf, baseball, football, basketball and so on.  I do not limit myself as to who I work with, because overall I am passionate about all sports.  Before on-boarding with ATHLETE COMPOUND I also trained law enforcement candidates for their fitness testing.



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