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In-Season Program

As a football player you want to stay on top physically and mentally. Athletes Compound football In-Season program is here. Pull up to the compound to stay on top of your game and ahead of the competition‼️


In-season programs consist of:

    ⁃    Individualized strength & conditioning program 
   ⁃    Concussion baseline testing
   ⁃    Mental performance assessments 
   ⁃    Physiotherapy rehab and recovery 
   ⁃    Team rehab and recovery 
   ⁃    Positional film breakdown
   ⁃    Football consulting 
   ⁃    And more

We have a experienced team of Coaches/Trainers with almost 50 years of CFL/NFL experience for positional consulting:
QBs: Darian Durant
WRs: Shammond Chambers 
DL/LBs: Odell Willis
DBs:  Crezdon Butler

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